Every time I am trying to do a post in English, I forgot all the vocabulary I have known till now. From high school times, I have this deep fear in me, that everything I write is wrong. So despite that fear, I’ve decided to give myself another chance and start writing my fashion posts in English again.

I know my fashion posts weren’t on a regular basis in the past September, but I was so busy doing one project after another, that’s why I was quite lost with the blog. So because warm days are definitely over, I bought myself a little present – furry vest, a perfect accessory for autumn, doll days. You can add it to professional/office looks, or style up your doll everyday outfit. It’s a perfect excuse to look feminine and be warm at the same time. Try it on blouse, or simply put it over your coat, just like I did.

The most important thing in autumn is that you are warm, cozy and ready for every opportunity!



VEST Jones (similar – here, here)



With love, Maša