.. definitely my favourite piece of makeup.

It’s the most basic piece of makeup every girl should have in her makeup collection.
When I am applying my “morning routine” makeup, I love how careful I am with layers and the order of products. I start with the most basic thing – foundation. After all powders and foundations I continue with BRONZER which gives your face the real feminine line. This makeup products gives you a chance to properly structure your face the way you want, it lets you hide few irregularities and gives you real feminine form.

I know lots of women don’t like (or they are just saying they don’t like it) applying too much of makeup, but who says it should be too much? Be careful when using this thing, it can look really pretty, but it can destroy all of your image in a sec.

I am not a fan of suntanning, because I have white skin with lots of problems when I expose myself too much. Lots of people are saying, that in the past year they’ve noticed a little allergy to the sun, that’s why I recommend to stay away and be careful. Instead you have so many options with makeup or any other healthier way to look tan. If you want to look a little tan without exposing your skin to the sun, use MaxFactor Creme Bronzer and apply it on your forehead and cheekbones, this way you can sharpen your look. It’s a perfect thing with a perfect prize.

Women of my age are not able to use tons of euros to spend on makeup, that’s why this bronzer is so perfect. It’s the perfect quality, which lasts for all day, and you spend nothing more than 12,81€. You can find it everywhere in Slovenia and you have two different shades – Creme Bronzer or Darker Bronze tan.



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With love, Maša