Since we are clearly in the middle of summer 2K17 I think I am a little late to do a “how to invest in summer wardrobe” post. But who can stop me, right? Sales started just “yesterday” and I think every woman invested a little bit more in her closet for her summer looks. I never have “too much” clothes.

I am a girl, who like to wear timeless, feminine pieces.

What is timeless? Feminine, neutral look, that will never go out of style – which is perfect for exactly anything. You can have the same outfit for your morning meetings and romantic dinner, and you’ll still be as beautiful and glamorous as you were in the morning. But the question is, where to find the mentioned style? The answer is not in the right store, but in the right taste. When Looking for the right type of skirt, or the matching blouse, or feminine shorts, you should be aware of your type of body (no ones body is the wrong type) and you should pay attention to colours that match your type of skin and your attitude.

What is sexier than a confident woman, who is wearing her clothes with attitude? NOTHING! 

So what investment is the right investment for summer? I am definitely going for shorts and swimwear. This year is the year of frills and I like to combine them in classic colours – black, beige or white. Those three are the easiest to put together in outfit, even if you go for something a little more crazy, but I like staying in lines. So, that’s why I fell in love, when I first saw them – Zara made me do the damage in my wallet.




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With love, Maša