SheIn online store

Even tho they seem to take a lot of time before their stuff comes into your mail box, I am always doing my last minute shopping on their site. SheIn online store has the biggest selection of clothes, I always find something I like. At the beginning I was sceptic, reading reviews didn’t help me with deciding, but when my first package arrived I wasn’t disappointed at all. That’s why I’ve decided to make my last minute shopping and find everything white.

Every summer starts the same – hectic, everything is done last minute, and I can’t wait to slip into new bikinis. Do you know that feeling – anxiety if your order will be at your address on time? It makes me nervous and happy at the same time – especially if it does come on time. That’s why this year is not going to be any different – I’ll press my PAY button and I’ll start counting down.

My last minute wish list for this summer



– be careful with size (check before adding to shopping cart)

– check shipping cost to your country (every country has its different cost)