Is it worth your money?

The answer is absolutely yes! It’s been a while since I was doing my last beauty product review, but I still got it. It feels really good to be photographing some products and writing about them after all this time. So, last year, when I actually started my blog, I didn’t know that something like that even exits. I know plenty of lip products, but it never occurred to me, that in this whole beauty world, you can find a lip oil. You’ve probably heard for so many different products like lip balm, lip gloss, lip liner, lipstick, lip plumper and so many others, but I’ve never heard of lip oil, did you? As I’ve heard this was already a last year hit.

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Oils are great for you skin when it comes to dried skin, dried hair, for your organism, but when it comes to lips I didn’t know till now. Clarins is continuing last year world known trend of lip oil care, where your lips receive a special treatment. Summer is the time when your skin looses lots of liquids, you need to be careful to drink enough of water, you should put lots of cream on your skin and you should use UV protection. In this oil you can find pure plant oil nourish, which are refreshing and a must – have for this summer. They made 7 different shades for now, this year they added 4 new – Mint, for a cool natural look with a fresh scent, Honey Glam for a pop of shimmer and Candy and Tangerine which react to the PH of your lips and make a personalized shade of pink or coral. The formula of this lip oils is simple and natural, although they could get a bit sticky sometimes. The price could be surprisingly and a bit too much for some of the girls, but I think this is worth every cent, I am ready to pay the price for a great quality.

The scents are so refreshing and applying is easy because of the spongey applicator. My favourite scent it absolutely Mint which give my lips a freshly, icy feeling and stays there for a while even though I am drinking too often during summer.


With love, Maša