… this real cliche with a touch of a romance. It’s just like in movies, you know, the exact moment when two people fall in love when this really big, huge wave hits the beach and the warm wind swirls around them. When I hear the word “LIGHTHOUSE” I remember sunsets and romantic dinner on patio, with candles and everything.


I spent a week on Greek island Rhodes, where lighthouses are really common, that’s why I’ve decided to visit one too. I was curious what is really like to sit on the beach, right next to lighthouse. I’ve found this really cute, small restaurant named Lighthouse in small city named Kiotari, just before Lindos beach. This place is alive by days and nights – as a beach bar and as a cute restaurant, where romance is in the air. Nothing excites me more, than small, cute places, where you can enjoy with your beloved half and yourself.




When walking towards restaurant, you can enjoy beautiful garden flowers, all this colours and the sea view right in front of you. There is nothing more beautiful than starting your evening like that. The smell of the sea and mixture of flowers, being in an evening dress and holding hands with your boyfriend makes your holidays even more exciting. We’ve ordered some fresh sea food and vegetable risotto, with cocktails for a drink and just enjoyed every single minute being with each other and my family. The atmosphere within the restaurant is dreamlike, thanks to Adriatic sea and Greek decoration. The mixture of a great place and perfect food makes you wanna come back again, that’s why – if you are planning to visit Rhodes, don’t miss that one.


I’ll definitely come back!


With love, Maša