After a long time of not-so-hot summer weather it’s finally time to open up wardrobe and start wearing floating clothes. Summer is that time of the year, when world is filled with flip-on dresses and sandals, which is flattering to wear in hot days. Trends are updating every year, but you can mix something together and you are good to go.

Fashion is a wor(l)d, that describes almost everything “non classic” – as would most of the people describe. I fancy my outfits with a bit of a feminine touch, appropriate for my body type. If you know me (and till now you should now one thing) – I prefer pastel colours over wild patterns and special colours. This is the main reason why I couldn’t resist to wear this dress for an afternoon stroll through the city.

Even if I am that classic women with white/rose dresses, I always style my outfit with some shoes or bags. For yesterdays walk through the city, I’ve chosen brown wooden sandals with heels, which suited the rose dress perfectly. Even tho WOODEN seems off, don’t let the word confuse you. At first I was really in doubt, I didn’t want to look like some Scottish elf, but those sandals are more comfortable than any other shoes. Despite the fact, that this summer dress is perfect without any special treat, I couldn’t resist to wear my new sandals with it. The price of the sandals and the dress is surprisingly amazing and totally worth every euro. And for the final look I’ve found perfect chokers (which are very popular this summer). You can find those necklaces in H&M too!

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With love, Maša