Remember when I talked about not liking black and dark colours in spring? So I’ve changed my mind, of course, and transformed from bright and happy colours into dark and happy colours. In the past four years, I’ve heard a lot about Revolver Heart brand, it’s a story about two sisters who shares passion to shirts, graphic design and fashion. This euphoria about their clothes started with just a small idea and it’s still lasting – whole country (and more) knows this brand and every fashion lover wants at least one piece in the closet. I am actually in love with their design and taste in fashion, so I’ve decided to hop into their clothes and make a very beautiful and feminine outfit. It’s a combination of romantic, elegant and rock chick pieces – black/silver tutu skirt, all star shoes, silver knitwear and leather jacket it’s a perfect look for casual Friday, or a night out!img_2863-copy

img_2845-copy img_2857-copy img_2842-copy img_2864-copy img_2862-copy img_2861-copy img_2860-copy img_2854-copy img_2848-copy img_2850-copy img_2865-copy img_2855-copy img_2856-copy img_2858-copy img_2859-copy img_2853-copy img_2849-copy img_2851-copy img_2840-copy img_2846-copy img_2847-copy img_2839-copy

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 20.41.12

With love, Maša